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Neon lights, Nobel Prize

When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies

Ted "Theodore" Ruxpin

Long ago--hell, about ten years now--I had a conversation with tragic1 and I said, "Y'know how they say people have an inner child? I have an inner imp." The imp is foul-mouthed and foul-tempered and he stares at your cleavage and he laughs at your misery and he's not at all ashamed about it. It's really hard to keep that little bastard quiet sometimes, and he gets me in trouble.

I picked laughingimp as a screen name because I dated a couple of women who found the imp charming. But he isn't cute--his humor is the result of cynicism and schadenfreude. And sometimes I really hate him, but I can seldom argue with him.
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Marriage is love.
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