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All the to-do about Obama's connections to former Weatherman William Ayers is complete bullshit. The last Weather Underground bombing happened in January of 1975. Barack Obama was 13. The "connection" bit comes up because many of the Weathermen are now important people in academia and on Wall Street, people who naturally will have the ear of Washington politicians.

One of their much-decried "connections" is their shared support of certain social issues, such as desperately-needed education reform. Because of the reforms they supported, Chicago has a magnet school program that is successful, and a model for education systems in other cities.

If you think Ayers should have been in jail this whole time instead of teaching at the University of Chicago, that's valid, but that's on law enforcement, not Barack Obama.


You don't get to be a name-level politician in Chicago without rubbing elbows with certain unsavory elements. The media doesn't do much to distinguish between a "mob boss" and other kinds of "bosses"--people who have, and distribute, political clout--possibly because in Chicago, there isn't much difference. So in order for anyone outside of the Chicago metro area to have heard of him at all, he'd need to make a Faustian agreement with one of two local rival political machines: the one fronted by Mayor Richard M. Daley, and the one formerly fronted by former Governor George Ryan. (The fact that Daley is a Democrat and Ryan is a Republican is irrelevant--both machines are bi-partisan.)

Obama is a product of the Daley machine. This how he gets uncomfortably close to guys like cloutmonger Tony Rezko (recently convicted for fraud and bribery) and Governor Rod Blagojevich (currently part of the same massive corruption investigation that nabbed Rezko and racked up 60 other indictments).

The Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois governments haven't shaken the organized crime elements that have existed at least since Al Capone's day and lead people to (not entirely unfair) comparisons between Chicago and Gotham City. People need to be held accountable, and US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is a hero for leading the charge on a scale I'd never seen before in my lifetime.

How better to block this investigation, than by getting one of your own into the White House?

So now I'm left with a difficult choice: do I vote for the ticket that might allow "pay-to-play" politics to continue unabated in Chicago, or for the ticket that might overturn Roe v. Wade?

This should be a tough choice, but it won't matter. Obama will take Illinois.


Oct. 13th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
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